Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 5. By Emily and Kalley

     Today can be described in one word - crazy.  After the normal routine of breakfast and devotions, we started out the day with a little tour of downtown Port-au-Prince and some souvenir shopping.  Shopping in Haiti is a bit of a crazy experience, as you've got vendors calling you over to look at their stands and barter with you.  It was a bit overwhelming for some of our team members, but fun to experience a little piece of Haitian culture.

     After shopping, we had the opportunity to head to a newer ministry partner of Healing Haiti, the general hospital.  We spent our time in the children's area of the hospital, handing out clothes, diapers, and other donations to the children and their families.  It was a crazy experience to see the conditions of the hospital and the care that was received.  There were many parents caring for their children and watching over them, so we were a little unsure of what we could do to provide comfort and love.  But as we looked into the faces of the parents and the children and began to interact with them, we saw that all they needed was a touch or a kind word.

     So many times in uncertain situations, our first instinct is to think of ourselves.  But when we take the time to reach out and offer a word of encouragement or meet a need of another, we see a world beyond ourselves.  God uses these moments to stretch us and grow us, and what starts out as a crazy moment turns into a beautiful moment.

     It's crazy to think that we're heading toward our last full day in Haiti.  God has used each day to break our hearts and mold us into women who desire to be changed by our time here.  May He take each of the "crazy" moments we've had in Haiti and show us how we can use each moment for His glory.

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